Sunday, June 29, 2014

Yosemite, Part Two

Our second day was our only full day in Yosemite. We went down to Yosemite Valley and hiked up the Vernal Falls Mist Trail. It was a very long (and strenuous) hike, but the view was definitely worth it! We also went to Glacier Point, pictured in the last four photos. The view from the sheer cliffs were incredible. As for our outfits, we chose something comfortable and easy for a hiking day in Yosemite (hence the shoes:)). [Emi] wore a target men's V-neck, because we love how comfortable they are and the outdoorsy/carefree feel they give! Again, please enjoy!

♥ Emi & Kimi

Emi's Outfit:
 top: menswear target
sunglasses: H&M
cap: vintage

Kimi's outfit
 top: H&M
flannel: thrifted
sunglasses: urban outfitters


  1. I love Yosemite national park. Always so much to see

  2. wow beautiful pics!