About Us

We are sisters from California with a passion for art & photography, a lust for travel, and an obsession for fashion! Lush & Lovely is the canvas for our pictures, thoughts, and inspiration that make life more beautiful. We believe that pretty things make everything better, and little details are the best part!

Kimie [Kimi]
I am the younger of the two; with a love for photography and art. You can usually find me behind the camera or editing photos! One day I hope to be able to go into the art or fashion industry; right now, our blog is my creative outlet! 

Emika [Emi]
I'm the older of the two, and unlike Kimi I'm less involved in the artsy department; but I love fashion and coming up with outfits! I've just graduated from high school and plan on doing a gap year; spending three months in Paris. Cannot wait to share those adventures with you! 

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